20 November, 2011

Sssssingle Bed

Do you remember your first bed?

I do it was wood grain with one of those bookshelves at the back with a corner light that you turned on by pushing the button!

And then when I first started work at 15 I bought my very first bedroom suite (in Pine!) complete with a single bed. I obviously knew I wasn't going to be getting too much action at that age! LOL Jake still has the beside set of drawers downstairs in his room!

Then came the Double Ensemble! (Action Time!) and after that a Slat Bed which lasted a few years but to be honest I prefer a good old ensemble any day over a slat bad. Jake always gives me crap about it but I think they are a fad. My thoughts are that with an ensemble you can update it with linen where the slat beds will date etc.

And about two years ago I finally bought myself an expensive Queen ensemble and I just love it. I find now sometimes when I go away it's MY BED that is the nicer bed!

Ages ago I bought some new bed linen. You know the lovely summery kind in egg shell blue and white.

I decided to wait until after my birthday and holiday and then give myself a little lift by putting it on my bed! And today was the day :)

Do you guys ever do this, or is it just me?

And remember that Mater Prize home the other day with the doll on the bed?

This is mine!!! LOL

I love the feeling of new linen on the bed and by the looks of it, so does Embee!

And you know what? Whilst I was away someone moved into my bedroom. No it wasn't Embee Louise, or Ashlee or even Jake! But a pair of Doves :)

They have made a nest just outside my window or I should say still making the nest, as I can hear them and have also been watching the "Husband" bring back twigs and the "Wife" slowly putting it all together. I can't see any eggs yet but I am a bit excited to watch it all unfold, so promise to keep you updated on the Morley Birds of Love!

And here is their nest, so far......

And I decided to have one last little "holiday spa" and yessss that is a Rum & Coke :)

My poor friend Deb is having a rough time of it in hospital. But on the positive side of things she did finally get operated on yesterday for THREE HOURS! and now has some screws and plates in her foot. I have nicknamed her The Bionic Woman :)

And late this afternoon I went to visit her in hospital.

And you know what? Tonight whilst driving home from the hospital I actually saw a falling star! I kid you not and it was very very close that I thought maybe it wasn't but then I realised it was. So Deb I said a little prayer for you my friend :)

Deb know that we are all thinking of you and hope you have a speedy recovery soon! xxx

I tell you once again it sure makes you take stock of your own life and thankful for being healthy. A thing I believe we all take for granted at certain times of our lives....

Well Groover's that's me for this Sunday! Hope you all had a great weekend.


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Masons first bed is the same as your 1st bed was!! He is however getting a new bed next month for his 5th birthday since his first one was a hand me down. He's VERY excited about getting his BIG BOY bedroom for his birthday!!

The Morley Report said...

I did have a pic of it but of course it's in the "Missing Photo Album". That's a great bed for any kid to have, even now!!! He's getting sooo big! :)

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