09 November, 2011

Girly Girl Morley rides again….

Today was an interesting day and I guess one where I was put out of my comfort zone a bit. You see I got to do a "site inspection" where my Technician’s work from time to time.

Now I don’t really call myself a “Girly Girl” or a “Tomboy”. I would prob say somewhere in the middle, prob a more “Practical Girl”. Having said that though over the last so many years I have noticed maybe just maybe this isn’t quite TRUE! And if I didn't have all my "Things" I might end up like the pic above..... Cute and Wrinkly.... and we can't have that now can we?

You see as I have gotten older I seem to be more of a “Girly Girl” as much as it pains me to say it. And somehow I never knew... how could this be? And hello why didn't anyone tell me!

One tell tail sign has been the amount of what I like to call “Lotions & Potions” that I seem TO NEED when I go away for holidays; be it one night or 10!

It’s not until I pack my suitcase that I see how many “Lotions & Potions” make up my day!

But hey it’s nice to be clean and smell nice right! I said RIGHT!!!! ☺☺

So today I dressed “Casual” for my little adventure with the boys. And it was a very interesting day. Because you see at my end I organise their travel, expense claims etc. etc. I never ever see where they go, and they travel all over Australia to make sure that you and I can watch the ABC and SBS TV as well as listen to the ABC & SBS radio stations!

And it was really nice to be out of the office for the day too! And what a glorious day it was. But Groover’s I have a confession: I am a Big Lover of Good Air Con! So I feel sorry for people that work in very hot environments, as there is no way on earth I could work like that! Lucky that today where we went there was good air con as it has to always be on to keep the transmitters at a certain temperature (well that's how I explain it in my girly way!).

So it was an interesting day with many interesting sights.

There was the floating Lawn Mower:

And not very far away was this dry ground! Go figure....

And it had me thinking about all of our differences. Many years ago I did one of those tests where they ask you lots of questions about your working habits. Actually it was for a job and it was my 2nd interview. Now you can’t fail this test as you just have to be truthful etc.

And the person interviewing me ended up becoming a very very good friend of mine! So yes that means I did in fact get the job! But you see it showed that I am suited to Administration type work. And actually that just reminded me of similar test I did with my team for a team building exercise. And again it showed me that I am def well suited to what I do.

And what I took from that particular exercise is that we are all different. We all work in different ways and just because someone’s desk is messy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not working as hard as I am! So in a nutshell we all bring different things to our team. Different strengths and skills. If we were all the same well it just wouldn’t work would it ☺

So I know that there is no way in hell that I am at all a Technical Person. I am far from it. So when I see the guys at work do what they do, fix things, think about how things work and how to fix them, well I am really truly in awe and really admire people that have these skills.

But hey if you need any Travel Booked or someone to ring a company and sort a problem out then I'm your girl! ☺ aka Girly Girl hehehe.

Now for some more interesting pics!

This is Steve's Toolbox. I kid you NOT!

And after our "Site Inspection" we went out for the most delicious lunch! Check this out:

Now just looking at that pic you might think well Karen, they are just normal Knives & Forks! Butttttt now look at this pic:

Yep Giant Knives & Forks on a wall! And here is a pic of the funky cafe:

So that was the day that was. Hope your day was great too!

Girly Girl Morley xxx


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