13 November, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray - it's Peppers Bale!

Well Groover's I am officially 9 years old! And loving it.....

And I have to say that I probably had one of the best birthdays EVER! You know people are always complaining about Facebook, with privacy and all that, but you know what? For me it has brought me many hours of entertainment, it's supported me during both the good and bad times in my life and yesterday it showered me with so much love from all of you kids, that took the time to wish me a very happy birthday!

I had some lovely comments, texts and great pics posted that made me LOL (thanks Deb!).

Andddddd I scored not to bad in the gift department as mentioned in last nights blog!

So yesterday I packed my Lotions & Potions, said goodbye to Baby Jake and Em Lou and off I headed to Kingscliff, with the Radio a blaring and me singing some damn fine tunes :)

Now I was running a tad late and the lovely Barb had checked in for us and when I arrived I found this:

which turned into this!

Which was soooo lovely, thank you Barb :)

Now all the way down, could have been that fantastic singing... who knows BUT I was craving a Toblerone Cocktail and Tapas Platter (as you do) and so off we went to the main Peppers Bar and Pool Area.

And excuse me but what a magnificent day it was! Not only was I turning 9 but the Gold Coast (about an hour south of Brisbane) won the Commonwealth Games bid for 2018, whichhhhh will be here before we even know it!

And then it was time to celebrate with Cocktails & food!

Then it was time for a swim.... Barb said and I quote "it was the best pool entrance of her whole entire life!" anddddd I have to agree, it was simply divine!

So we swam, caught some rays and had a lovely spa and then it was time to head back to our Holiday Pad for a little baby nana nap for the 9yo! (it's tough being 9, let's face it!) andddddd then when I awoke looking not a day over 6 may I just say, we got ready and went to pick up my friend Alan from work who lives down this way!

Met his very cute dog Elly & Son! :) (is 16 too old? hahaha) only joking... I AM!!! And off we went back to our Holiday Pad to show Alan around!

Andddddddd I got this from the very thoughtful Alan! (who wrapped it himself may I just add!)

And walla! it turned into THIS!

I knowwwwwww how beautiful! Thanks Alan you are such a good kid! :)

Then it was time to meet Emily and Lucan at our favourite Thai Rest in Kingscliff! We go there every year, it's called The Red Hot Thai.

Go check out their Facebook Page:


And it is amazing! I can tell you that all my friends LOVE THAT PLACE and could eat there every night if they could. I have even had friends drive down to Kingscliff for the day JUST TO HAVE A MEAL there as they are craving it soooo much! And I won't mention any names buttttttt it has also been known to have a star or two visit, who the same as my friends, when they arrive in the country it's virtually the first thing they do, is eat there! (and NO it's not The Morley Report Groover hehehe) orrrrr as a good friend of mine said yesterday "Queen of the Groovers" which I thought was cute!

We had a grand night with lots of food, wine and yessssss there were a few Rum and Cokes! Then we all came back to "The Holiday Pad" for a couple more drinks and after lots of laughter (Alan, Alan, Alan...) and NO it's not what you think buttttt you need to check this out! It cracked us up all night!

Walk on the Wild Side - Alan


So Emily & Lucan went home, Barb went to Bed and poor Alan was left with me at the laptop as I preceded to share some Morley Stories.... Not sure if during this time he fell asleep but I kept going with my stories cause that's how I roll! hehehe.

So I woke Alan up and he went home and then I did my Morley Report for you kids and thennnnnnn I hit my lovely divine bed! Had the best nights sleep, had a sleep in too this morning! Gotta love when that happens.

And after some late breakfast on our balcony overlooking Central Park (which is what they call it at Salt) we watched some Car Club boys and their cars have a gathering, which of course did nothing for me (the cars that is, not the boys!) and so I thought for some of you kids you might like to see!

I also spotted some young boys (somehow they caught my eye!) thanks to Barbs help! hehe playing Boche in the park!

So after all our "sightseeing" we headed back to our pool! And what started out as a very cloudy day ended up being a magic one :)

And of course this called for Hot Chips and icy cold Lemon Lime & Bitters!

There is just something about lazing around in the sun that makes you tired! Well that and maybe the previous nights festivities + a few rum and cokes! Oh that reminds me, don't you just hate it when you wake up in the morning with a sore throat from "Drunk Snoring!".....

Anddddddd it was time for this little 9yo to have her afternoon nap! Ahhhh bliss.

Then when I did wake up there was a storm a brewing....

Currently as I am typing this on the balcony there is a thunderstorm approaching and its raining... ahhhhh.

Barb just said she doesn't want to go back to her normal life! And I agree! It's just way to nice!

Well Groover's time to hit the road. Barb has brought down the DVD Bridesmaids as she hasn't seen it! I knowwwwwwww she is in for a treat and I am looking forward to seeing it again! I describe it like a train wreck! You don't want to watch but you just can't turn your head away hehehe.


Me xxx


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