03 November, 2011

Some Mothers do “ave” em

Well Groover’s today I would like to talk about Mums, Working Mums...

Two of my friends, one a new Mum and the other a 2nd time Mum returned back to work this week and it had me thinking.... Scary hey! LOL

I remember the first time I had to return back to work. It was only a Temp thing for three months and my Mum, Nana & Grandad looked after Jake. So it wasn’t too bad…. Now I have shared this story before, but for those of you who haven’t read it, I shall quickly recap.

One time Jake was sick with a cold and very congested. I had to go to work and so I dropped Jake off along with some medicine for congestion to Mum, Nana and Grandad. Now this medicine was an iridescent blue colour, just so you have a mental picture! And during the day I rang them to check on Jake and my Grandad told me that they had given him the medicine, which was great. Buttttttttttt he then told me they put the drops into his NOSE!!!

The blue drops were not nose drops.

It was something to give him via his mouth...

And then Grandad said “Well he can breathe now” and I said “I’m sure he can, it probably burnt everything in his nostrils!!!” hehehe.

And you will notice by that pic above it now states this. Back then after that phone call I rushed out to the chemist and sure enough there was nothing on the packet about giving it orally.

He survived. JUST!

The next time I returned back to work I was a single mum and was working a couple of days a week. This time Jake went to a Daycare Centre. I felt sooooo guilty. Silly isn’t it what us Mothers put ourselves through. But I had to go to work and we had no choice, we needed the money. End of Story!

But of course Baby Jake had a weapon up his sleeve... EVERY TIME I would drop him off to the centre, just as I would go to leave he would throw up everywhere! They would say “it’s ok, you just go, he will be fine” but of course I felt dreadful.

So after a few of these times I stopped giving him ammunition, which meant I wouldn’t give him breakfast! I would pack it for the Daycare ladies to give to him – AFTER I LEFT!

And here is a very cute shot of Baby Jake at Daycare! Like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...

And there were those times when you'd rush and kill yourself trying to get to the Daycare Centre so he wasn’t the last one and you didn’t look like a bad mother ☹

Here is another pic at Daycare

Or the time when you did get there late and he was the very last kid....

Jake to this day still remembers the day I collected him in a Police Car! I kid you not…. You see I finished work, caught the train home, went to get in my car anddddddddd couldn’t find it! You think to yourself DID I PARK IT HERE, or there or thereeeeeeeeee. Thennnnnnnn it hits you IT’S BEEN STOLEN! So the Police were nice enough to help me and off we went to pick up Jake ☺

As Jake got older and went to Primary School there was the “Car Park Mafia” as I liked to call them, to deal with. You know the Mum’s that think they are ALL THAT and are very clicky!

Here is a pic of Jake on the very first day of Grade 1 at Primary School. He is pointing to where the school was.

Of course five minutes later as we were walking down the street (it was a small hill) Jake fell over in some MUD! Isn't motherhood grand hehehe.

Here is the thing about me. I am very friendly (not in that way…. OR AM I? hehehe) if you are friendly to me, BUT if you can’t be bothered to be nice and polite to me, well then I am done and will be polite but will not go out of my way for you etc. And back then in Jake’s year there were no other single parents.

Jake at around 8 or 9.

And just so you know: he has now grown into those teeth! :)

The thing with being a working Mum is that everyone expects you to go back to work. It’s the one question they like to ask “so when are you going back to work?” But they don’t get it, sure you go back to work, but then you come home andddddddddddd do all the other work. It’s like holding down two jobs!

I am sure some of you out there agree with me! ☺

And whilst I am on my soapbox! Here are some more Morley Mother thoughts:

• Some kids expect you to be at their beck and call to drive them everywhere. Guess What? You aren’t their Chauffer – you have a life too, don’t forget that!

• Kids are very keen to attend 254 different sports IN ONE WEEK. Sureeeeeee in a perfect world. But 1. It’s very expensive 2. You have a life to and 3. They still have to do their homework and be awake all day the next day at school.

Now please don’t get me wrong. It’s great that kids are very active, I’m all for it. But they just expect that that is what A MOTHER IS FOR.

I think children need to grow up to accept that their Parents are people and that they are entitled to a life too. And yes whilst it is sad to put them into care, they also get to play with kids their own age. Their development flourishes as they copy their friends (not always in a good way...) but hey if it gets them to sit on the toilet it’s a good thing! And I'm all for it. LOL

They also grow up seeing a Mother who works, who has interests outside the home and who has friends.

One thing I hate and this has happened when I am out with friends. Their kids will ring them on their mobile – 100 times. And unless it’s an emergency, guess what? Mum is out with her friends, it can wait, and you do not need her attention!

Now I guess I do seem a bit harsh, but they are my thoughts. And now with a son at 21 years of age, and I am well aware that one day you infact get your life back. When this happens, AND IT DOES you don’t want to wake up and say to yourself: where have all my friends gone? Where is my life?

Just a little bit of Mother Morley advice. You can take it or leave it, I honestly don’t mind. But I do care about you Groover Mum’s, that’s all ☺

Anddddddddddddd remember I did stay home really until Jake was 8, so I do believe in Mum’s staying home too. I honestly believe that Jake and I get along now like we do, due to me staying home etc. But hey, sometimes we need food to eat and money to get that, hence why we go back to work!

So to all of those Mum’s out there, the working ones, the ones that stay at home (who work too may I just add) I take my hat off to you all. I know at times you think to yourself OMG is this it? But kids very soon, one sad day they won’t need you or rely on you as much as they do now. And believe it or not you will miss that! Andddddddddd then the next chapter begins. And kids you know what? It’s a little sad at times, but geez it’s also a lot of fun!!!

Of course the next stop on the Motherhood Train is becoming a GRANDPARENT! And whilst I think that Grandparents are very very important, I always say to Jake: Jake, 30 is a good age to start settling down. So hopefully fingers crossed my Nana days are a few years away...

Until then I’m gonna live BIG!!!!!!!!!!

And just a two other quick random Morley things.

I traded in this puppy with the freaky eyes:

For this little lamb today. I think I'm gonna keep her and name her Ba Ba Em :)

Isn't she sweet :)

Anddddddddd a very big THANK YOU to my mate Hedley at work for fixing my little coffee table that I use for my laptop when I am sitting on the lounge! Doesn't it look very grand!

Thanks Hedley xxx

And here is a pic of some chips that Jake bought today:

Notice it actually reads "Aussie Fries, because we aren't French". LOL It made me laugh!

Ok I'm outta here......... Night!

Me xxx


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