08 November, 2011

The Gifts of Baby Jake

Last night whilst Brenton & Max were staying with us at Morley Manor, Brenton told me that during the day Jake had shared a story of one Mother’s Day and the gift that he gave me.

Nowwwwwww I had forgotten all about that little Gem, so I thought to myself: self you gotta share this one on The Morley Report! ☺

So let me take you back in time, approx. 13 years back….. Jake was 8 years old and Mother’s Day was fast approaching. And as they do Jake’s school had a Mother’s Day Stall.

So being the good Mum that I am I gave Baby Jake some $$$ to purchase two presents. One for me and one for the now Ex-Wife No. 2 of his Dad. Yep the same one we went away to Stradbroke Island the other week with.

And I can’t really remember why, maybe it was because he was only young or because he couldn’t wait to give it to me but when he came home from school that day I actually got to see both gifts. Now picture this… one was the lovely long wooden stick with a painted Tulip at the top in Pink and Grey to stick in a pot plant for decoration. The other was a basket of soaps. You know the ones that you get at Motels and Holiday places.

So guess which gift I received from Baby Jake?
Yep the second hand soaps...

Now Jake knowing just HOW MUCH I loved holidays thought (which in hindsight is quite cute!) that I would love these soaps cause I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee holidays. Lucky Me!

I sooooo wanted that Tulip! But Groover’s it wasn’t meant to be ☹

Jake did tell me though back then that my “Soap Gift” was double the price of the Tulip! Poor kid he really did try.

And whilst we are talking The Gifts of Baby Jake another little memory came back to me last night whilst we were telling the “Soap Story” to Brenton.

Now this one was only a couple of years ago and oh hello..... again it just happened to be Mother’s Day! This time Jake had to drive about ¾ hour away from our house to Bribie Island to visit his Morley Grandmother for Mother’s Day. And there is this great beach up there that you can take Dogs too, so I thought maybe Jake could drop Embee and I off to the beach and visit The Morley’s and then come back and pick us up!

So off we went with him. Now from memory I don’t think that year I got a gift. Look you win some you lose some….. I have learnt this is how Baby Jake rolls! But hey I was ok, I mean I was going to spend some time on the beach with Embee; it was a lovely warm day and a great day for the beach!

We had to make a quick stop along the way to the garage as Jake had to pick up a bunch of Flowers for his Grandmother Morley. Now I’m all good until this moment... Butttttttttt when he walks out the Garage door he has two bunches of flowers and I am like Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is soooo nice ☺

But NO! Kids they weren’t for me. No they were for the current No. 3 wife who must have been visiting The Morley’s at the same time. Sooooooooo lucky me, I get to HOLD BOTH BUNCHES in the car as we drive to Bribie Island.

Jake drops Embee and I off to the beach and off he goes to deliver his gifts for Mother’s Day. Meanwhile back at the ranch (or in this case the beach) Embee and I are having a lovely time. But now I haven’t eaten and I haven’t brought anything to drink for either Embee or I as because Jake wasn’t “going to be too long” I thought maybe we could get a nice Fish and Chips takeaway for lunch.

Silly me...

Now Jake tells the story last night he was only gone for an hour. Me mmmmmmmmmm I think it was a tad longer! By the time Jake came back to collect us, we were hot, hungry and thirsty and I was crabby! I knowwwwwwww something different for me ☺ hehehe.

And guess what? Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh he had already eaten a nice lunch at The Morley’s.

Happy Mother’s Day TO ME!

So some years it works other’s not so much...

Although I do still have some very cute flowers that Jake made himself out of manila folders that I have had on my desk at work and now sit on my desk at home, that to this day embarrass Jake, but I love them!

This year though I did get a very cute toy and a chocolate that sits next to my bed. The toy not the chocolate and the toy, just in case your mind is somewhere else, is a cute little Bear that holds a heart that says Mum! Awwwwwwwwwwwww nice one Bubus Jake!

Now it’s my birthday this Saturday, not sure what the present might be or even if I am getting one. But I promise to share what it might or might not be! I know I can tell the suspense is killing you (as I say to you sarcastically!).


Me xxx

And no, I never used the soaps... Sorry Baby Jake ☹


Anonymous said...

See what happens when our kids know we love holidays. I get a toothbrush holder (you know the plastic kind you pop your toothbrush in) from the mothers day stall a few years back, as I looked at it puzzled Brice said "you can take it on holidays with you". I had to look at it this way crap gift but unlike some people he'd put thought into his gift :)

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