24 November, 2011

Would you go on a Reality Show?

Interesting question isn't it.

Now of course most people would be thinking Big Brother Australia!

But there are so many around now....

You could renovate on The Block!

Be transformed on Beauty & The Geek (this one I loveeeeeeee)

Cook up a storm on MasterChef Australia

Discover the world with The Amazing Race Australia

Become "Posh" with Aussie Ladette to Lady!

You could find the Love of Your Life on The Farmer Wants a Wife :)

Loose a HEAP OF WEIGHT on The Biggest Loser...

And I guess you could say that here in Australia it probably all started in 1992 with Sylvania Waters.

Of course many have bitten the dust such as these little beauties:

The Resort
Australian Idol
The Mole (I did like that one....)
The Renovators

Some say that people can sometimes decide to go on a Reality Show to "become famous", which in realty (no pun intended) doesn't eventuate as most of the public can't even recall who was on last years series let alone the series beforehand!

And what is it do you think that intrigues some of us to want to watch other peoples lives day in day out on television?

Then of course there are the Celebrity Shows such as:

Celebrity Apprentice - well done Julia Morris you were AMAZING!

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - I'm def addicted!!!!

Celebrity Survivor

And as some of you may remember recently I mentioned in a previous blog that many years ago I myself applied for Big Brother. My reason wasn't to become "Famous" but I guess to have a bit of an adventure and have some time to just be Me rather than a Single Mum! And as many will say to have the experience!

And now Big Brother is returning to Australian TV in 2012. They are calling it Big Brother - Secrets. They have formally announced this week that Sonia Kruger (from Australia's Dancing With The Stars) will be the new host.

Now if you follow Twitter this announcement hasn't seemed to have gone down to well with the Australian public this week.

I think it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Where the new house will be, the application process, the "Secrets" andddddd what age group they decide to throw together.

I'm a HUGE fan of Big Brother and loved watching Crissie Swan in the Big Brother House back in the day! And have continued watching her on The Circle on Channel 10. And was sooooo happy for her this year when she won a Silver Logie at The Logie Awards (Australia's equivalent to the Emmy Awards in America).

I've had a few Groover's asking me if I am going to apply this time around. And my answer: well I'm a little older now but hey NEVER SAY NEVER! They don't call me Karen "Justin Bieber" Morley for nothing! hehehe.

It's time to goooooooooooo - Morley


Me xxx


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