06 November, 2011

Sunday Morley Sunday........

So this morning started off with a phone call from Brenton!

Not this Brenton:

This one!

You see he was coming to stay with us at Morley Manor, butttt tomorrow! Well Groover's plans change and he turned up today to stay for two nights!

I though already had plans to have a coffee and a catch up with the lovely Wonette, so off I trundled to catch up with her.

Now on the way, just down the road from my house I was stopped at the traffic lights and in the distance I could see this HOT GUY! I thought I was seeing things... but as he got closer OMG I could see my first instinct was correct. Now you tell me kids (prob more a girl question here for some...) when was the last time you saw a really Hot Guy that took your breath away?

I knowwwwwwwwwwwww me too. That's why I was in complete shock! And he was jogging with no shirt on and the sweat was glistening on his muscles... hang on a sec! I should be writing for Mills & Boons here hehehe.

Anyway you get my drift. And about two minutes down the road I said to myself: ohhhhh wowwwwww now that was mighty nice! LOL I am so naughty, but geez it made my morning!

So enough hot men talk... I could go on for days!

So I caught up with my wonderful friend Wonette and we had the best time chatting and laughing!

And one thing that we talked about was Cruises. Not the ones we used to drink way back when... butttttt the Ship type! Wonette was telling me all about her cruise a few years ago and Noumea! And this got me thinking.... which can always be a scary thing! About a cruise I went on back in the 1990's with my friend Elaine.

You see we decided to take along a bit of Fancy Dress and wear it one night to dinner. The outfit: Policewomen! As you do....

Now our ship had to come into port early (there was a rumour it was taking in water... I kid you NOT!) So we only wore our "costumes" to dinner and then when we docked, we all went into town to a nightclub and decided to ditch the shirts but just wear our hats! Get your mind out of the gutter and we wore clothes too! LOL

And we all went to the L'Tunnel nightclub which was full of Transvestites! Our Police Hats were very popular and they were passed all around the nightclub with everyone taking turns wearing them. I even had one "Lady" ask me if I was a really Policewoman.

And I said noooooo, I'm too short! hehehe. Ahhhh Fun Times! :)

And you know it's been a while since I have been to the shops and it was really nice to see some of the Xmas things out!

I then came home to find Brenton & Max had arrived. And not that much later Elaine, Deb and James turned up too! It was a Full House and Noooo I was not John Stamos!

James and Deb had come over to help me with a special little "secret project".

And then after we were finished upstairs it was time for Deb & I to have our turn at the spa!

We then decided to throw together a little BBQ that the "Unemployed Mo" cooked for us!

For some of us, well how can I put this politely? Mmmm well let us just say that our nipple regions were a little cold!

And others who shall remain nameless found this hilarious!

All in all it was one of those great weekends where you feel like you have accomplished lots, got to catch up with friends, even made time to do your washing andddddd some yard work and even had a bit of time just to be me! A Classic Weekend in my books!

Hope you guys had a great one too!

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the lovely Wonette for over 15years and she hasn't aged at all. Neal

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