29 November, 2011

Could this be YOU?

Do you find that at this time of year people are worn out, crabby, fed up and in dire need of a holiday?

For those of you that have school aged kids this is now the time (more than normal times....) when they all start to become ratty!

And I can remember myself when I was back at school how by the end of the year we were all getting on each others nerves and the break did us all good :)

And excuse me but didn't I just have a week off? What's the go there.....

I like to describe Friday's as a WASHER! You know when you ring a washer out after a bath and get the last bit of water out! Well that's me on a Friday - A Washer.

Because when I'm laying in bed and telling myself "just one more day until the weekend" it's like all I've got left is that bit of water in the washer.

Soooooo when the end of the year is upon us I think we are all Giant Washers. I know I think deep hehehe.

Bring on Xmas holidays Groover's. The End.

On other news well here is the latest pic of our nesting Mumma bird outside my window! I would say she now has eggs as she is always on the nest. Ahhh the life of a Mum!

And then there was some Spa Shenanigans!

First of all Jake had to take a pregnancy test. Here is the result....

It came back positive! So stay tuned.....

Thennnnnnnnn I was given a viewing of Jake's tattoo enjoying the spa :(

And of course Baby Jake!

Then I found out we have a new member of Morley Manor.

Let me introduce - CRAIG!

I know I asked the same question: Why Craig?

There was really no answer.... that's just his name. I was told though not to get too close to Craig because he has a weeing problem!

He ain't wrong.... straight into my ear!

But then we all made up and became happy families

Now there is one family member that was feeling a little left out. Problem was she is not a lover of the spa :(

Here is Embee Louise hiding in her safe place!

Then she was brave and came closer

and closerrrrrrrr

Andddddddddddddddd there she was!

There was no way some dude called Craig was going to take her place with her Mumma and Jake!!!

But here is the thing that I learnt tonight: Never have a spa before writing The Morley Report. Why? Becauseeeeeeeeeeee I get way to relaxed. And it's great to be relaxed don't get me wrong but problem is I start to go down hill very very quickly after a spa....

On that note it's time to go watch I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Me xxx


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