18 November, 2011

Did someone say Last Drinks??

Well today is our very last day here at Peppers Bale and oh my god we have had the best time of our lives! Just what Barb & I both needed!

And the morning started off with me breaking the plug for the Kitchen sink. Now remember kids I have shared with you before how NON-TECHNICAL I am.... here tonight is the proof!

What it should look like:

This is my attempt to fix the other one.... now look closely:

It was only then that I realised, hang on a sec they don't look the same! Soooooo I fixed it again andddddddddd

Then it was time to check out the latest Mater Prize Home at Casaurina about 10mins drive from where we are staying.

Ahhhh a girl can dream Groover's! We both bought tickets, sooooo fingers crossed!

Here are some more pics for you:

Now in the main bedroom there was something that to me WAS A SIGN that I am going to win.... I hear you ask, so Karen what could it be?

Here she is sitting on the bed!

Can you see what I mean by a sign? LOL

The rest of the house was divine:

And then it was time for a change of pace!

And our friends Al & Caitlin came to spend the day poolside!

And of course this meant more poolside eating & drinking :)

And it was great to catch up with the girls! Al is a very close friend and we get along famously! Shame I didn't have a matching hat! hehehe

And after the girls left we went for one last walk along Salt Beach :)

Now I have to share with you Groover's a very funny entertaining story that has evolved nearly each day whilst we have been here.

You see a friend of Barb's at work decided to hijack her little coffee cup and it seems that whilst Barb has been living it up BIG, so has her mug.....

Barb has received a pic every day of her coffee cup, travelling around the country side and having a great time without her! I have to say that this has had us in side aching giggles as we didn't know where it was going to pop up next! And I can probably safely say that there maybe just one more pic to arrive..... because our holiday isn't finished yet.

Let me share the "Barb's Coffee Mug takes a Vacation" in picture form:

And of course we had our reply with our very own "posh cups" in the pool. Cause that's how we roll :)

We have loved our time here and have as I said decided to come back again next year!

Thanks Peppers Bale for making our holiday AMAZING!

See you next year :)


Karen & Barb xxx


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