07 November, 2011

Pictures of YOU....

A picture paint a million words, or so they say.

We all have them. We display them, keep them in boxes, lose them, laugh/smile/cry at them and sometimes we can even forget we even have them and when we stumble upon them again they can make you feel happy, happy in places you forgot you were even sad in!

Photos, pics, Photographs, Polaroid’s (for the older kids) they are something special, something to behold.

When my Grandfather passed away last year I was left a treasure trove of pics. Some I know, some Grandad was kind enough to write on the back of them for me and there are some others that we shall just never know who they were, not even my Grandad did, so there is def no hope for me.

They are a legacy that each generation leaves behind, to remind you of times that were...

I think we forget that at times our parents & grandparents were ever young and our age and then we see photos from their past. Young happy smiling faces looking back at us ☺

Mind you I can see pics of me and wonder how I WAS EVER THAT YOUNG too!

We really didn’t have any fancy camera’s when I was younger. I can remember purchasing a film for the camera. They came in 12, 24 and 36 and sometimes you couldn’t wait to get them developed and dropped them into the chemist as soon as you could. Other times the films would sit in your drawer; and there they would stay. Sometimes you got them developed yonks later and when you did get them developed you were never quite sure what were on them until you saw them yourself hehehe.
And of course there was the old Polaroid instamatic camera, that if you were really lucky you had! We had one, I was def one of the lucky ones ☺.

There have been gaps in my life when I haven’t had a camera because we didn’t have the money to buy one. Which really is such a shame looking back, but at the time it doesn’t really register with you that this will be a gap in your photographic history! So my advice is to ALWAYS, no matter how broke you are, make sure you have a camera!

Six years ago when we moved my Mum and Grandad into their Retirement Village we had to pack up all their things and move them. Now it was at this time that somehow some albums and photos were accidentally thrown out. Of course not intentionally but they must have been mixed up with the “throw out pile” and that was the last we ever saw of them.

My Grandad used to ask me all the time “are you sure they aren’t anywhere?” and I would have to say I am really sorry Grandad but I am not sure what happened to them. He even dreamt about them and when we would visit would he would ask Jake to look at the very top of his wardrobe, right up the back where he couldn’t reach just in case like in his dream, they were tucked up in there. But they weren’t ☹

When he passed away and we had to clean out his room I said to Jake imagine if we found them now, but no such luck and they have remained a big mystery until this very day.

And so this brings me to my own “Photo Album Problem”. Maybe it hereditary… not sure, but I myself have a lost album Groover’s. It’s the album that contains all my photos from when I was a teenager and my last days at school. I am sureeeeeeeeee some of my friends will have a sigh of relief that at this stage I am not able to drag them out and embarrass them!

I live in hope that one day I will find them. They have only been missing for about six months, so you just never know. They may just APPEAR out of the blue one day ☺ Ahhhhhh wishful thinking!

But I said to Jake the other day I am sureeeee that my Grandad is up in Heaven having a good old chuckle, with me not at me, as he used to say. Andddd I myself even had a dream about my photo’s the other night, just like him! Hehehe.

I promise you guys will be the first to know if I do ever find them. Until then you will just have to imagine how sexy, young and hot I really did look back then... shouldn’t be too hard! Go on TRYYYYYYYYY!!!


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

As a fellow photo fanatic, I fully understand.... Lets hope you find thoses photos or some of your old friends can share some they have :)

Deb (as it won't Blogger wont let me use my Google account hmmm)

Anonymous said...

Come on fab friends of Karen and The Morley Report, let Karen know you are reading her blog by at least clicking like everytime you have a read, or leaving a little message, it's a big dedication to get this out to us every day, give her a little love back :)

Deb Avid Morley Report Fan xxx

Barbara said...

hope you find the photos Karen. AND now we have a generation of people who take photos but probably dont get them developed. There will be a legacy of 'electronic' photos that will sit on disks etc. AND in 80 years time will the computers they have be able to read those disks??? Just something to think about! PS cant wait for kingscliff:) BARB

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Deb for all of your support!
Thanks Barb and how true is that about photo's on computers!! At least my Grandad had hard copies to leave us. Mmmm this time next week!

Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

I only have 2 or 3 photos of me as a kid so I understand the desire to be a happy snapper Miss Karen. :) I have taken so many photos of my family...they are valuable memories & treasures to keep for lifetimes to come! xxx

The Morley Report said...

I love your photo's Mandy! How wonderful now to have so many pics of you and your family, esp with all the wonderful Food Themed Parties you guys have! xxx

ava sutton said...

I wish I had an Instamatic camera...and I'm part of the new generation! Vintage is in this year! DEFINITELY want that vintage Polaroid camera you have in that post

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