14 November, 2011

We're all going on a Summer Holiday.....

Have you ever woken up on holidays and wondered what was behind the curtain? I do it all the time, especially when I am on a Beach Holiday! Will it be cloudy, will it be raining orrrrrrrr will I see the SUNSHINE??

These are the questions I ask myself whilst laying in bed. Well that and why did have to wake up soooo early to go to the toilet! But Groover's that's a whole other Blog! hehehe.

So when I got up and opened my curtains...


Can you see my smile!

But before we move on to today, just a couple of things from last night! So first of all whilst I was typing The Morley Report, Barb made us dinner.... it was yum! But notice that Barb has me rationed onto baby Coke's..... WTF! Maybe she is trying to limit my Rum & Coke intake... not sure! LOL

And Barb loved Bridesmaids but it was funny trying to initially get the DVD to work.... look at all the remotes we had to try and work out!!!

But we got there in the end.

So back to today...

So a quick breakfast was in order. Good old Vegemite Toast. Now I have a question. How do you like your Vegemite? Me I like lots! You can blame my Nana, but I seemed to have passed this on to Baby Jake too!

My theory is that whatever you were brought up with, meaning how much your Mum etc. put on is now how much you yourself like! And it's funny how many overseas people are repulsed by it! I guess it's an acquired taste butttttt for us little "Aussies" it starts at a very early age!!

And whilst sitting on our balcony having breakfast there was Mt Warning in the distance. It sure stood out today :)

So far the only complaint I have about "The Holiday Pad" is this!!!!

I keep walking into the corners and tearing off skin and have a few nice little bruises appearing each day! I guess you could call it my Holiday Souvenir! Aren't I a lucky Kid! :( Either that or I'm slowly getting my very own tattoo to show Baby Jake when I get home!

And I have to tell you that this Central Park opp our apartment goes OFF! Soooo many people use it for different things. We've seen BBQ's, Picnics, Bocce, Hotted Up Cars Group and today we have seen this!

and this....

I am just hoping that Hot Dude from back up at my place will decide to jog here tomorrow! hehehe ahhhhh still remember it like it was yesterday!

Today was of course spent by the pool! Again, sooo lucky as we are having the most amazing weather! The water was divine and what I love about the Peppers Bale pool are the gardens which go all the way around. Today there was a lovely breeze which wafted the smell of Jasmine (which is climbing on a trellis around the pool) across the pool. My god it smelt good!

And I have just started to read Denise Richards book - Real Girl Next Door and I am loving it!

And I was extremely lucky because Manuel our "Spanish Pool Waiter" delivered to me a very icy cold Coke!!

And Barb was relaxing too!

Then this afternoon it was time for me to get my Pampering fix! Years ago when we first came down this way we came across this amazing Beautician called Sambara Spa! Here is the link to their website:

Sambara Spa

They have this value package called "Take 3 for $119". And many months ago I made my appointment and today I could only remember two of the three that I was booked in for. Sooo I had a Hot Stone Massage, followed by a Head and Scalp Massage anddddd the No. 3 treatment was a Facial!!! I was very happy with my Facial choice and it was a pleasant surprise.

OMG if you are down this way you def need to book one of these deals and ask for Shelle (pronounced Shelley), she did the most amazing job and I feel totally 500% relaxed!!! Mind you my "Massage Hair" was a site to behold hehehe but I didn't take a pic as I didn't want to scare YOU! LOL

It's funny isn't it how it takes so many days to really unwind from work and real life. And sometimes you don't even realise how you are feeling until you stop!! But kids I can officially say that I am now feeling quite relaxed, thanks to Shelle!

Oh and you know me, here is a pic of the cat that adopted the Beautician a few years back that loves to just lay around, soooo cute. I couldn't help myself. Here is a pic:

Then it was time to head back to our "Holiday Pad" and along the way I took a few pics to share with you.

Here is one of Kingscliff Beach. There has been a lot of erosion over the last 12 months....

And here is one of the Estuary (not sure what it's called) but you drive past this to get to our resort. Always a lovely view!

And then I was back at my Home Sweet Home.

And Barb filled me in on her excitement this afternoon in having a spa in our apartment and not filling it high enough and putting water all over my bathroom! hahaha.

This pic is for you AL!!

Well that's it for today, here is a pic of the amazing sun set tonight!

Barb has gone across to the Restaurants across the park to get some dinner and I'm about to have a lovely Rum & Coke!

Until tomorrow

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Really did sound like a great day....

Anonymous said...

So wishing I was there with you!!

The Morley Report said...

Well Deb the sun is a shining again today. Just magic.
And Anonymous, miss you too xxx

Brent said...

With weather like that you will be as brown as a berry when you come home, thats if you come home.

Looks lovely Karen I might have to look at going there next year..

The Morley Report said...

It's amazing down here, you would love it!
P.S. Working on that tan :)

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