10 November, 2011

Holiday Feet Strike again....

The other night we were talking about photo's and there is one photo that has stuck in my mind for many years that for me is the classic holiday pic!

Now I have search and searched on the internet and for the life of me I just cannot find it :(

The pic was on a Club Med brochure in the 1990's and was of one foot on the beach, in the sand with water all around it. It had a great tan and was beautifully manicured with this amazing ocean green nail polish....

Isn't it funny how that one picture can stick in your mind and represent so many things to different people.

And due to this same picture whenever I am heading on a beach holiday I get me some "Holiday Feet" :)

Nothing says holiday to me like bright nail polish sparkling in the sun shining back at me! And tonight I went to my favourite beautician at:

Dextress Hair Face and Beauty

The Beautiful Di and got my holiday feet happening for my upcoming trip on Saturday!

It is so relaxing to sit back and have a lovely Pedicure!

And check out these disposable thongs!!!

How stylish am I! You see I'm trying to start a trend LOL

Crazy I know but for me it's all part of the process of "going on holidays".

So I have a another little holiday story. Have you ever been on a Houseboat?

Yesterday when I was at lunch one of the guys I work with mentioned that he was going on a houseboat in the new year. And it reminded me.... of a few years back when a group of us went on a Houseboat for the weekend.

It left from Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast and on the Friday night we decided to have dinner at one of their lovely restaurants and stay in port for the night. Now when you are in port you cannot use the toilet on board! And they give you keys to a special toilet block etc.

So picture this, there were 6 of us, lovely dinner, lots of drinks and we all go to bed on the houseboat. Of course I wake up about 4am and have to go to the bathroom and there is nooo way I'm walking up to that toilet block. So I get up go to the bathroom and when I flush the toilet I WAKE UP THE WHOLE MARINA as the pump on the boat starts up BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM hehehe. I of course woke up everyone on the houseboat and so they all thought stuff it, they would go to the toilet too!

We all joked that the next morning in port out houseboat would be covered all around the houseboat blocking our way! :)

Now the next morning one of the staff took us out and showed the guys how to work the houseboat and then they went back to shore in a little dingy. And one of the girls who will remain nameless had been dying to go to the toilet and Groover's there is no easy way to tell this story but like this:

She had to do a poo!

Sorry, but it had to be said for the story.

And so we are all upstairs on the deck, she has finally gone to the toilet for peace and quiet and there is a large window in the bathroom and she could see the ocean and the shore etc.

Next thing she hears all this kerfuffle and loud voices but she couldn't work out what we were yelling and thennnnnn she heard running footsteps....... When she looked outside the window we were getting closer and closer to the shore!

That poo she sooo wanted to do, welllll it went straight up back inside and that's where it stayed for the next few days! She was soooo scared we were going to crash.

We didn't, what had happened was that the guys went to turn the houseboat but didn't realise you had to plan ahead and start turning wayyyyyyyy before you needed too! It was a close shave but we didn't come aground and off we went for a wonderful weekend on the water.

But my poor friend hehehe.

So on that lovely note, I'm outta here!


Me xxx


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